Online CPO Recertification August 21, 2020
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For this online recertification option current certification must still be valid. Self-guided online class not required/not included. eHandbook included – hard copy available separately. You attend the virtual class only for instructor led session and CPO Class exam. A copy of your existing certificate or wallet card must be sent via email to prior to class. CHOOSE ANY CURRENTLY SCHEDULED virtual class you would like to attend and include the date of the class you would like to attend when prompted for comments.

This is the same CPO Class as it always was. Just now, it's completely online! You can complete the entire class, including the exam in the comfort of your own home. CPO Handbook not-included and should be purchased seperately at

Basically 4 hours of review followed by a break for lunch. We'll do a bit of review and then the online CPO exam. Pass the Online test and you are Re-Certified!

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Online CPO Recertification August 21, 2020

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