CPO Prep Class - August 24, 2020   9am - 3pm EST
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This is a Prep course for the CPO Certification class taught by a 30 year pool industry veteran and pool water chemistry expert. In this four hour Live Online session with Award Winning CPO Instructor Rudy Stankowitz, the student will learn how to

  • Calculate Pool Gallons
  • Compute chemical doses
  • Determine Saturation Index
  • Achieve breakpoint chlorination
  • Prepare Handbook for a more successful class
  • Tips on CPO Test Taking

This class is open to all, regardless of instructor. No matter which class or where it is being held our CPO Prep class is for you. Do you need this certification for your job? Are you looking for a position in apartment or hotel maintenance and want an edge over other applicants? Are you thinking of starting a pool Company? Would you like to increase the knowledge of your team, or the opportunity to fine tune the knowledge they already have?

This CPO Prep Class will have you prepared to do your best in your CPO Class and on the exam. Are we giving you the CPO Test Answers? Not quite, but we will be giving you all the tools necessary to quickly find and/or calculate what the questions will ask. Sign up today!



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CPO Prep Class - August 24, 2020 9am - 3pm EST

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